All Stars BJJ Juniors South 2023

Stoke Mandeville Stadium

Guttmann Rd,


HP21 9PP

We are proud to announce our Juniors only event; Juniors South This event is set to take place Sunday 10th December, at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Gi & No-Gi divisions will be contested under the IBJJF rule set, available for Pee Wee 1 athletes through to Juvenile. Full weight/age groupings can be found on our website. This event will also feature the Mighty Absolutes; an opportunity for Junior athletes to win the championship belts! Athletes will have a number of split weights to choose from in each age grouping, with the absolutes Gi only at this event. We cannot wait to see junior athletes atop the podium with the championship belts! The Mighty absolutes will be divided by age and belt, then have multiple split weight options per age grouping. Age groupings for the Mighty Absolutes are: Pee Wee 1 + Pee Wee 2 Junior 1 + Junior 2 Teen 1 + Teen 2 Juvenile Belt groupings are: White Grey Yellow Orange Green Blue Each Mighty Absolute will need to have a minimum of 7 athletes registered in order for it to run. Split weights are as follows: PeeWee Mighty Absolute: -24kg -30kg -Over 30kg Junior Mighty Absolute: -38kg -46kg -55kg Over 55kg Teen Mighty Absolute: -50kg -65kg Over 65kg Juvenile Mighty Absolute: -60kg +60kg Early registration fees : Junior 1 division: £30 Juvenile 1 division: £35 Additional Junior & Juvenile division: £15 Optional Mighty Absolute: £10 Late registration fees: Junior Gi: £40 Juvenile Gi: £40 Additional Junior & Juvenile division: £15 Optional Mighty Absolute: £10 Spectator fee is £5 payable at the door. 1 free parent/guardian per junior athlete competing.