All Stars BJJ UK Nationals 2020

Doug Ellis Sports Centre


All Stars BJJ UK Nationals on Saturday 22th February 2020. Gi & No-Gi divisions under IBJJF rule set and weight classes, though all belts from blue onwards will fight for 6 minutes Adults, Masters 1-7, Junior and Juveniles divisions available Optional split weight cash prize absolute. Split weight: Male -76kg, +76kg, Women -69kg, +69kg. Please note this is for the cash prize absolutes only. PRIZES: 1st Place: Championship belt + Cash Prize 2nd Place: Suave Gi 3rd Place: Rashguard Cash Prizes: White belt - £50 Blue belt - £150 Purple belt -£200 Brown/Black belt - £250 In the adult, master, male and female Gi cash prize absolutes -Large medals awarded timely -Schedule & brackets released days before the event -Açaí stall -Unique team trophies Early registration fees: 1 division: £28 2 divisions: £40 Optional cash prize absolute: £15 Junior Gi: £20 Juvenile Gi: £25 Late registration fees: 1 division: £35 2 divisions: £50 Optional cash prize absolute: £15 Junior Gi: £25 Juvenile Gi: £30 Spectators fee :£5

Adult Competitor List (click to show / hide)


AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgCatherineMoorGracie Barra Isle of Man
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgQuinnSonderUTC Staffs
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgAdellaBucklandParaestra UK
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgKamSangheraLions MMA
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgFrancescaKnightEscapology BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgKristinaZadunaiskajaRoger Gracie Academy
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgJamie ColemanMahico MMA
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgRhonda NunezGracie barra NEWMARKET
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgAmberSorrellGracie Barra Fulham
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgLucySouthwordGracie Barra Isle of Man
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgFayeHadlowCarlson Gracie Ashford
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgEmily Constantine Chongshin Do Martial Arts
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgFreya VerlanderWarwick judo and BJJ
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgHandreaGerminariNas Alganga JiuJitsu Team
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgChristinaPanchalAndre Ramos bjj
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgCorina LanaLetRoger Gracie Academy
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgLaurenGeeStafford fight factory
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgTeganDoranGracie Barra Nottingham
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgEmilyOkellyAshford Vale Tudo
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgSula-MaeLoewenthalGracie Barra Fulham
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgPaula McHale5 Rings Grappling Academy
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgMotiTakwoingiParaestra UK
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgKristieRabyCF24 Jiu Jitsu
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgAyshaHaththotuwegamaCF24 Jiu Jitsu
GiWhiteAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)LaurenPriceMAT Academy
GiWhiteAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)YuanyuanZhongParaestra UK
GiWhiteAdultFemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)CarolinaMendesBen Hall BJJ
GiWhiteAdultFemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)Rhonda NunezGracie barra NEWMARKET
GiWhiteAdultFemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)Haleema SahdiaKhanGracie Barra Birmingham
GiWhiteAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)BeatriseBabraICON jiu-jitsu team
GiWhiteAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)CatherineMoorGracie Barra Isle of Man
GiWhiteAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)RebeccaLeamGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)AmberSorrellGracie Barra Fulham
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)QuinnSonderUTC Staffs
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)FrancescaKnightEscapology BJJ
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)KamSangheraLions MMA
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)CharotteHamiltonGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)VictoriaCastroGracie barra NEWMARKET
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)PamTeareGracie Barra Isle of Man
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)AnaFernandesZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)Alexandra BlissAndre Ramos bjj
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)HamidaHamidGracie Barra Birmingham
GiWhiteAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 79.3 kg)AlexMullenAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
GiWhiteAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 79.3 kg)AngelaScott-ParkinGracie Barra Derby
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)Corina LanaLetRoger Gracie Academy
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)ShirleyTungGracie Barra Isle of Man
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)YaraSaketGracie Barra Nottingham
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)KristieRabyCF24 Jiu Jitsu
GiBlueAdultFemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)LucieBagguley Strategy fight team
GiBlueAdultFemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)ChristinaPanchalAndre Ramos bjj
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)EmilyConstantineChongshin Do Martial Arts
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)HandreaGerminariNas Alganga JiuJitsu Team
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)Tegan-janeDoranGB Nottingham
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)EmilyBrownGB Arnold
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)Paula McHale5 Rings Grappling Academy
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)MotiTakwoingiParaestra UK
GiBlueAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)LucySouthwordGracie Barra Isle of Man
GiBlueAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)FayeHadlowCarlson Gracie Ashford
GiBlueAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)Sula-MaeLoewenthalGracie Barra Fulham
GiBlueAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)AyshaHaththotuwegamaCF24 Jiu Jitsu
GiBlueAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 79.3 kg)Harriett SlinnAndre Ramos bjj
GiBlueAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 79.3 kg)ToniParkerGracie Barra Walsall, Eclipse Martial Arts
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 51.5 kg)LaurenPriceMAT Academy
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 51.5 kg)YuanyuanZhongParaestra UK
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)CatherineMoorGracie Barra Isle of Man
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)Hayley Fry 10th Planet Birmingham
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 66.5 kg)QuinnSonderUTC Staffs
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 66.5 kg)Jamie ColemanMahico MMA
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 76.5 kg)AnaFernandesZR Team UK
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 76.5 kg)SophiaPizzimentiTeam Mahico
NogiWhiteAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 76.5 kg)Camille Mallon Trojan Free Fighters Warwolf BJJ
NogiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)FreyaVerlanderWarwick judo and BJJ
NogiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)LucieBagguley Strategy fight team
NogiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)JuliaScardoneCarlson Gracie Hull
NogiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)LaurenGeeStafford fight factory
NogiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)Paula McHale5 Rings Grappling Academy
NogiBlueAdultFemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)MotiTakwoingiParaestra UK
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgKiprasVastakaTeam Renegade
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgRickWaliGracie Barra
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgHerminderSangheraLions MMA
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgMichaelTomlinsonTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgCurtisWalkerZR Team UK
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgAsifHussainOsswa Jiu Jitsu
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgJonJoBealGracie Barra Derby
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgRyanMikeTeam Renegade
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgSamCarlileGracie Barra Rugby
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgKeeganJohnsonSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgMuath AbdoTeam Renegade
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgCraigMacinnesTeam Mahico
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgOwenAnslowTeam Renegade
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgJonathanPrideauxGracie Barra Nottingham
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgBrandonRochesterEast Midlands BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgAndrisKozaksAVT
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgMorganRaynorEast Midlands BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgLewisCowenStafford fight factory
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgDavidSegalCarpe Diem BJJ London
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgHarrySimkinGracie Barra WS1
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgJoelBlackGB Nottingham
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgDanielKirbyKyushinkai martial arts
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgJohnWatsonGB Erdington
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgRemmyLiadiCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgRichardLynchEscapology
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgDanielShuttLeeds Traditional Martial Arts
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgDavidLomasPredators BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgMohammedKhanSubmission School BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgBrogan White0
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgDanielReganFightworx academy
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgElkanahAndersonSpirit Dojo Alliance
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgJamesGaskinGracie Barra Halesowen
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgPanayiotisMoulashisHOJJ
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgMohammedKhanSubmission School BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgLewisWilkinsonAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgAnthonyHughesGracie Barra Tamworth
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgJoshuaHoodIcon/ hardywallhead mma
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgAlexEltonAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgAsimHussainOsswa Jiu Jitsu
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgMatJonesMAT Academy
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgJohnnyDashMma academy liverpool
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgTomMarshall Combat Base
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgRonnieNelomsGracie Barra Newmarket
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgAARONSINGHGracie Barra Birmingham
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgDani KhalidTeam Renegade
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgRodrigo MarianiCheckmat Fightzone London
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgZachHolmanFightworx academy
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgJakeBinghamAVT Combat Base
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgSeanDibbleThurrock Academy BJJ (Mill Hill)
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgMarcus DaviLopes de Souza ICON jiu-jitsu team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgLeonardo MarcelLopes De SouzaICON jiu-jitsu team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgChrisDidaGB Birmingham
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgjacktullyGB Erdington
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgJoshPlantGB lutterworth/impact academy
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgSanzharBolotbek uuluCarlson Gracie London
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgFilippoChiereghinPure Jiu Jiutsu
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgJackAstleyGB Halesowen
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgLoukasKapsalisPedro Bessa
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgMatthew Bonner Next generation liverpool
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgSteveOgdenGB Burton
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgAviPaddaGracie Barra Wolverhampton
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgForgetDonovan ZR Team UK
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgKhaled FarajAlliance Manama
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgSaeedIqbalLoughborough BJJ
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgJoFoyFightworx academy
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgRobCrerieCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgTyeHansonZR Team UK
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgAaronHareEclipse Gracie Jiu Jitsu
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgSam LeeneySamGB Nottingham
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgSultanAlboloushiOne Jiu Jitsu
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgAmrickBislaGracie Barra Nottingham
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgElliottPikeGracie Barra Tamworth
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgRodrigoMarianiCheckmat Fightzone London
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgRafalAdamczykPedro Bessa BJJ
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgLawrenceMcAvinueBlack country bjj
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgDave WestonBlack country bjj
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgnathanwilsonCombat Base
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgMuhammadShazleeTeam Renegade
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgJordanKirkFightworx academy
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgJuniorFernandesCheckmat Fightzone London
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)MatthewBonhamGracie Barra Isle of Man
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)VictorFrancisBBB Burton
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)AshleyReynoldsParaestra UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)JoeMaguireTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)IrfanAkhtarOsswa Jiu Jitsu
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)RobertHughesParaestra UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)AdamKhanQatar BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)Saifullah SabirTeam Silverbacks
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)Mohammed RazaTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)OwenAnslowTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)BrendanMurphyGracie Barra Sutton Coldfield
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)KiprasVastakaTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)BulrajMaheTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)SzymonPazikICON jiu-jitsu team
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)DavidWalkerBen Hall BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)HarryCheemaLions MMA
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)IdwalJonesUk Paraestra
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)ReeceHendersonGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)KunheeHaTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)SamCarlileGracie Barra Rugby
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)KiprasVastakaTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)KeeganJohnsonSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)JamesBROWNCheckmat / VN team
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)JakeMurphyGB Sutton Coldfield
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)Ryan GilmourGracie Barra Isle of Man
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)DamienBraceySBG UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AsifHussainOsswa Jiu Jitsu
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JesseWhiteHardy Wallhead MMA
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)CharlieLancaster - PappSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)HerminderSangheraLions MMA
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AlexRobinson Chongshin Do Martial Arts
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)MichaelTomlinsonTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)CurtisWalkerZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JonJoBealGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)RyanMikeTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)ArslanAhmedSubmission School BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)Usmaan Hussain Team Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JoshFosterCannock BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)Muath AbdoTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JasmanSangheraTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AlexRobinsonChongshin Do Martial Arts
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)GarrieMcDonaldTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JonathanPrideauxGracie Barra Nottingham
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AndrisKozaksAVT
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JamesBell10th planet
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)MorganRaynorEast Midlands BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)DanGriffithTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JoelBlackGB Nottingham
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)CameronCavanImpact Gym
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)anandSinghLions MMA
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)awaisbrownpariah
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RichardLynchEscapology
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)DanielShuttLeeds Traditional Martial Arts
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Mohammed AliQureshiPremier BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)WojciechGrzybekGrand Union BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)MohammedUddinTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)AlexCsompoWarwick judo and BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)StephenBarnardBermuda Martial Arts
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JoeBadgerGracie Barra Tamworth
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)HaarisIqbalGB Birmingham
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)SamMattsImpulse BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)DanielReganFightworx academy
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RhysBevanRob Taylor BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)CarlosMedeirosCheckmat Europe
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JackCrooksCarlson Gracie Hull
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)HarrySimkinGracie Barra WS1
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JohnMorganParaestra UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)TomaszBablokGracie bara ws1
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JackHartnollGB Sutton Coldfield
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)LawrenceAh-WengGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JonoNicholasWarwick judo and BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JohnWatsonGB Erdington
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)DavidLomasPredators BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)MarkSchmelter
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)FinnGribbinTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)AlexanderHughesExeter BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)HarryRudkinBermuda Martial Arts
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)MohammedKhanSubmission School BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)AnthonyHughesGracie Barra Tamworth
GiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)PiotrGiedwidzDMAC
GiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)DanielKirbyKyushinkai martial arts
GiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)FreddieFergusonBlack country bjj
GiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)ZeinKhalifaSubmission School BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)kristyanvidamourAcademia BJJ Lifestyle
GiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)Max Khaihra RGA Bucks
GiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)LewisWilkinsonAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
GiWhiteAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)DavidSegalCarpe Diem BJJ London
GiWhiteAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)RemmyLiadiCheckmat / VN team
GiWhiteAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)FarazTabatabaieWarwick judo and BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)ElkanahAndersonSpirit Dojo Alliance
GiWhiteAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)JamesGaskinGracie Barra Halesowen
GiWhiteAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)JamesBeaumontParaestra UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)PanayiotisMoulashisHOJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)PiotrSadowski Sportowy Bialystok Team
GiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)RyanYappDave Briggs BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)AviPaddaGracie Barra Wolverhampton
GiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)AARONSINGHGracie Barra Birmingham
GiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)BenLippettEclipse Gracie Jiu Jitsu
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)AsimHussainOsswa Jiu Jitsu
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)IshaacYasinQatar BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)JamieMatherLeão Marinho BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)TomMarshall Combat Base
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)PawelMikolajukLeão Marinho BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)JamesParkinsonLeão Marinho BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)ZainNazirQatar BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Dani KhalidTeam Renegade
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)BrandonPhillipsGracie Barra Tamworth
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)CurtisFinchRob Taylor BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AaronHealeyGB WS1
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AlexEltonAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)HassanKhanQatar BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)MatJonesMAT Academy
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JakeBlaneyAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)RonnieNelomsGracie Barra Newmarket
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)Sultan AdreesSubmission School BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)ZachHolmanFightworx academy
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JakeBinghamAVT Combat Base
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)ElliottPikeGracie Barra Tamworth
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JackWelchGB Halesowen
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Kieran JukesAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)jacktullyGB Erdington
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JoshFoxonGracie Barra Derby
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)SanzharBolotbek uuluCarlson Gracie London
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)WillLambertICON jiu-jitsu team
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)ForgetDonovan ZR Team UK
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RobCrerieCheckmat / VN team
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)AdamWilsonCarlson Gracie Hull
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)BrandonJephcoteAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)HassaanAwanQatar BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)FilippoChiereghinPure Jiu Jiutsu
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)LoukasKapsalisPedro Bessa
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)SteveOgdenGB Burton
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)FreddieTomalinEscapology BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)AmrickBislaGracie Barra Nottingham
GiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)MattArcherWarwick judo and BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)Khaled FarajAlliance Manama
GiBlueAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)DeanGrayPremier BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)LloydAdamsGracie Barra Birmingham
GiBlueAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)MarvinSteeleGracie Barra Burton
GiBlueAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)AaronHareEclipse Gracie Jiu Jitsu
GiBlueAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)Sam LeeneySamGB Nottingham
GiBlueAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)SultanAlboloushiOne Jiu Jitsu
GiPurpleAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RafalAdamczykPedro Bessa BJJ
GiPurpleAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)FAISALKAYANIQatar BJJ
GiPurpleAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)AbilioBarbosaAcademia BJJ Lifestyle
GiPurpleAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)MuhammadShazleeTeam Renegade
GiPurpleAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JordanKirkFightworx academy
GiPurpleAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)LawrenceMcAvinueBlack country bjj
GiPurpleAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)Dave WestonBlack country bjj
GiBrownAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)ChrisRigoletParaestra UK
GiBrownAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)TimCardenGracie Barra Rugby
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)AshleyReynoldsParaestra UK
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)RobertHughesParaestra UK
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)JakeMason10th planet
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)RyanReynolds10th planet
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)QudratSafiTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)VictorFrancisBBB Burton
NogiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)KiprasVastakaTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)IdwalJonesUk Paraestra
NogiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)AbdulHussainMMA Unit
NogiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)KunheeHaTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)KiprasVastakaTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)OwenAnslowTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)RickWaliGracie Barra
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)JesseWhiteHardy Wallhead MMA
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)HarryCheemaLions MMA
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)RoshanMallRoger Gracie Academy Coventry
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)CallumBennett10th planet
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)JoeApsey10th Planet Birmingham
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)ReeceHendersonGracie Barra Derby
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)Usmaan Hussain Team Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)CraigMacinnesTeam Mahico
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)JoshTaylorMuscle Machine Grappling Team
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)BrandonRochesterEast Midlands BJJ
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)AndrisKozaksAVT
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)SimonBrooksAVT Combat Base
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)JamesBell10th planet
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)salekhmahmoodTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)LewisCowenStafford fight factory
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)DamienBraceySBG UK
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)ThomasShanahanEmpire Martial Arts
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)JakewoodleyBlack country bjj
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)MichaelTomlinsonTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)DanielShuttLeeds Traditional Martial Arts
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)OllySmithGracie Barra Halesowen
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)NollaighMcElhinneyGracie Barra Halesowen
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)RyanMikeTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)JamesTurnerFight Ministry Hull
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)MohammedUddinTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)dwaynegilchristMuscle Machine Grappling Team
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)StephenBarnardBermuda Martial Arts
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)Brogan White0
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)JoeBadgerGracie Barra Tamworth
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)LoukasEfthymiouRENZo gracie cyprus
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)RhysBevanRob Taylor BJJ
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)TobyZamaniEquipe TCA
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)ShayneTribal
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)CarlosMedeirosCheckmat Europe
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)JackCrooksCarlson Gracie Hull
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)AlexPerks
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)JohnMorganParaestra UK
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)TomaszBablokGracie bara ws1
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)BenHollowayGB lutterworth/impact academy
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)JohnWatsonGB Erdington
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)anandSinghLions MMA
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)SimiTakharRob Stevens BJJ
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)WojciechGrzybekGrand Union BJJ
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)AlexCsompoWarwick judo and BJJ
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)haarisiqbalGB Birmingham
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)AdamLeeThe monkey house gym
NogiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)AnthonyHughesGracie Barra Tamworth
NogiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)DanielKirbyKyushinkai martial arts
NogiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)JonoNicholasWarwick judo and BJJ
NogiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)UthmanAliTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)FreddieFergusonBlack country bjj
NogiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)HarryRudkinBermuda Martial Arts
NogiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)Max Khaihra RGA Bucks
NogiWhiteAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 97.50 kg)FarazTabatabaieWarwick judo and BJJ
NogiWhiteAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 97.50 kg)MylesGarcia muncieHardy Wallhead MMA
NogiWhiteAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 97.50 kg)RemmyLiadiCheckmat / VN team
NogiWhiteAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 97.50 kg)PanayiotisMoulashisHOJJ
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)AARONSINGHGracie Barra Birmingham
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)BenLippettEclipse Gracie Jiu Jitsu
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)DannyFurtado GB Birmingham
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)JordanAdney10th Planet Birmingham
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 61.50 kg)SeanPriestleyCombat base/Fight ministry hull
NogiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)TomMarshall Combat Base
NogiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)ChrisDidaGB Birmingham
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)Jack HassardFight Ministry Hull
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)MatJonesMAT Academy
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)AngusVarndell CorpsLeicester Shootfighters
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)CurtisFinchRob Taylor BJJ
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)Marcus DaviLopes de Souza ICON jiu-jitsu team
NogiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)Leonardo MarcelLopes De SouzaICON jiu-jitsu team
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)Marco Papa Escapology
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)JoshuaHoodIcon/ hardywallhead mma
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)LukeChidombwe Wilcox Leicester Shootfighters
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)AlexEltonAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)BenPearsonLeicester shootfighters
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)JohnnyDashMma academy liverpool
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)SteveHarrisEquipe TCA
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)JakeBinghamAVT Combat Base
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)MateuszAntoniukDoncaster martial arts centre
NogiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)BasilAbdoGracie Barra Leicester
NogiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)jacktullyGB Erdington
NogiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)JoshPlantGB lutterworth/impact academy
NogiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)AndrewGlaze10th Planet Birmingham
NogiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)LoukasKapsalisPedro Bessa
NogiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)SteveOgdenGB Burton
NogiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)RobCrerieCheckmat / VN team
NogiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)MattArcherWarwick judo and BJJ
NogiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)JackAstleyGB Halesowen
NogiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)JamesProcterCarlson Gracie Hull
NogiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)AdamChetnikEscapology BJJ
NogiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)Matthew Bonner Next generation liverpool
NogiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)JoFoyFightworx academy
NogiBlueAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 97.50 kg)MarvinSteeleGracie Barra Burton
NogiBlueAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 97.50 kg)SultanAlboloushiOne Jiu Jitsu
NogiPurpleAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)ScottPedersen Chris Rees Academy
NogiPurpleAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)CeesJansen DearTeam Renegade
NogiPurpleAdultMaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)SamGibbsAeon
NogiPurpleAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)AbilioBarbosaAcademia BJJ Lifestyle
NogiPurpleAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)nathanwilsonCombat Base
NogiPurpleAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)LawrenceMcAvinueBlack country bjj
NogiPurpleAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)MuhammadShazleeTeam Renegade
NogiBrownAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)ChrisRigoletParaestra UK
NogiBrownAdultMaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)TimCardenGracie Barra Rugby

Master 1 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleSuper Heavy (Over 79.3 kg)RebeccaHaslamGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleSuper Heavy (Over 79.3 kg)KarissaGrimmGracie barra NEWMARKET
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)VictoriaWalkerBedlam BJJ Raspberry Ape Team
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)SuzanneQuinn5th element Durham
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)Lisa HallEscapology BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)Camille Mallon Trojan Free Fighters Warwolf BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleLight (Max 64 kg)AdellaBucklandParaestra UK
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleLight (Max 64 kg)YolandaLopezGracie Barra Fulham
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)LaurenMcCubbinMAT Academy
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)KristinaZadunaiskajaRoger Gracie Academy
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)HayleyCurtisGracie Barra Isle of Man
GiBlueMaster 1FemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)EmmaNelsonAndre Ramos bjj
GiBlueMaster 1FemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)EmilyOkellyAshford Vale Tudo
NogiWhiteMaster 1FemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)AdellaBucklandParaestra UK
NogiWhiteMaster 1FemaleLight (Max 61.5 kg)DeborahGriffithsThe monkey house gym
NogiWhiteMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 56.5 kg)LaurenMcCubbinMAT Academy
NogiWhiteMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 56.5 kg)KristinaZadunaiskajaRoger Gracie Academy
NogiWhiteMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 56.5 kg)HayleyCurtisGracie Barra Isle of Man
NogiBlueMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 56.5 kg)Louise Dempster10th Planet Banbury
NogiBlueMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 56.5 kg)ShirleyTungGracie Barra Isle of Man
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgUmarNazirTeam Renegade
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgMatthewStanleyGrant Combat Academy
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgGuyBuxtonWarwick judo and BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgMichaelGougeonWarwick judo and BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgYouriLissinMill Hill BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgAbozarArabiSilverbacks
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgStephenBourkeCarlson Gracie Hull
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgPeter Beckwith Mma academy liverpool
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgdanryderWolverhampton bjj
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgJames McDonald Turbo bjj
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgAlanBroomhead Gracie Barra Rugby
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgScott Blaney Andre Ramos bjj
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMichael DavisCarpe Diem
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgRobertSmithGB WS1
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgScottBrant RGA Leicester
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgJosephAceyCarlson Gracie Hull
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgbobbymcdonaldpariah
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMarcusMightyRGA Leicester
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMarkMooreExeter BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgRichSawkinsEscapology BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgDavidCunliffeHamma
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgRyanPalmerEast Midlands BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgDale BallSBG UK
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgPeterAmuahGracie Barra Derby
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgRyanFosterGB WS1
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgrussellbrownAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgRazwan BashirOsswa Jiu Jitsu
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgSimonRichardsBlack country bjj
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgPaulFolkesAlliance Derby
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgAlexanderTaylorGracie Barra Chorley
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgMatteoCenturioniIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgJeffersonFinnFight Sports New Wave Academy
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMichaelWhittakerNewport Mma
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgAdamWilsonCarlson Gracie Hull
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgLukeButcherWarwolf BJJ
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgAlunWestonBlack country bjj
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgDavid BernacchioGracie Barra Derby
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgDarrenFraczekGracie Barra Derby
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgKrzysztofLisieckiRenzo gracie holland
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgEarlJamesTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgSebastianLachGracie Barra Tamworth
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgAssadNaeem
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgDavidWalbornCheckmat / VN team
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgScottBurtonGB Burton
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMatthew Allen GBK/A3
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgRobertWalkerBlack country bjj
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgpeterbatsonAxis uk
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgStephenWalbornCheckmat / VN team
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgBenWyardZR Team
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgJoe Dables Alliance Derby
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMark Little Bedlam BJJ Raspberry Ape Team
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgChristopherPrinceThurrock Academy Mill Hill
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgTomCrosbyAVT Combat Base
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgLiam Smedley Sheffield Shootfighters
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgSamTeagueCheckmat / VN team
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)MattMarrGracie Barra Halesowen
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)CaiJonesCF24 Jiu Jitsu
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)DaleBallSBG UK
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)PeterAmuahGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)LewisMorgan-DaviesBermuda Martial Arts
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)PaulFreemanAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)StuartBullockBlack country bjj
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JoelWozniakWolverhampton bjj
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)CarlSwindellGracie Barra WS1
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)KevinArgueGB Birmingham
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)DANIEL HUDSON GB Birmingham
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Kevin GrimmGracie barra NEWMARKET
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)StephenShawGracie Barra Tamworth
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)SteveTempleRGA Bucks
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)Michael DavisCarpe Diem
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)MylesJoughinGracie Barra Isle of Man
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)ThomasDonativoEquipe TCA
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)Michael ClarkeGracie Barra Tamworth
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JoeForsterpariah
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)UmarNazirTeam Renegade
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)MatthewStanleyGrant Combat Academy
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)LukeKnightGracie Barra Burton On Trent
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)YouriLissinMill Hill BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)StephenBourkeCarlson Gracie Hull
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)Peter Beckwith Mma academy liverpool
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)danryderWolverhampton bjj
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)Scott Blaney Pedro Bessa BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)ScottBrant RGA Leicester
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)JosephAceyCarlson Gracie Hull
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)MarcusMightyRGA Leicester
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)MarkMooreExeter BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)RyanPalmerEast Midlands BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)Zulfkar Hussain GB Birmingham
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)MichaelGillmanGB lutterworth/impact academy
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Lloyd HockingMAT Academy
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)RobertWestonBBB Burton
GiBlueMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)JeffersonFinnFight Sports New Wave Academy
GiBlueMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)SebastianLachGracie Barra Tamworth
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)AlunWestonBlack country bjj
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)CraigHaggertyEast Midlands BJJ
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Tom Dingley Turbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)DarrenFraczekGracie Barra Derby
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)MarkMcGheeCheckmat nemesis
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)russellbrownAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)markfranklinGracie Barbra Isle of Man
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)RasimAlievQatar BJJ
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)RyanFosterGB WS1
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)Anderson Knevitz Escapology BJJ
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)RazwanBashirOsswa Jiu Jitsu
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)SimonRichardsBlack country bjj
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)PaulFolkesAlliance Derby
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)AlexanderTaylorGracie Barra Chorley
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)christopher steeleGracie Barra WS1
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)DanielWhite Grand Union
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)MfumuKalonjiCheckmat Fightzone London
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)Joe Dables Alliance Derby
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Matthew Allen Gracie Barra knowle/A3
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Matthew Mclachlan Rio grappling club paisley
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)BenWyardZR Team
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)ChristopherPrinceThurrock Academy Mill Hill
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)TonyHendersonGracie Barra Tamworth
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)ScottBurtonGB Burton
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)RobertWalkerBlack country bjj
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)Douglas PaivaICON jiu-jitsu team
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)peterbatsonAxis uk
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)TomCrosbyAVT Combat Base
GiBrownMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)AlanMarkCheckmat
GiBrownMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Antony Newman Andy Roberts BJJ
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 97.50 kg)JosephAceyCarlson Gracie Hull
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 97.50 kg)RyanPalmerEast Midlands BJJ
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)KadirHereshTeam Renegade
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)BlaineLewisGround zero mma academy
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)JoelWozniakWolverhampton bjj
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)StephenBourkeCarlson Gracie Hull
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)Peter Beckwith Mma academy liverpool
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)Tom Martin Wolverhampton bjj
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)RobertMatthewsBermuda Martial Arts
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)MylesJoughinGracie Barra Isle of Man
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)MichalZdunGracie Barra Leicester
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)MatthewStanleyGrant Combat Academy
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)LukeKnightGracie Barra Burton On Trent
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)JonathanbrownThe monkey house gym
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)alexwelfordBermuda Martial Arts
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)Lloyd HockingMAT Academy
NogiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 67.50 kg)RobertWestonBBB Burton
NogiBlueMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 97.50 kg)JeffersonFinnFight Sports New Wave Academy
NogiBlueMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 97.50 kg)SebastianLachGracie Barra Tamworth
NogiBlueMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)AdamWilsonCarlson Gracie Hull
NogiBlueMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)LukeMiddleham10th Planet Birmingham
NogiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)DanielWhite Grand Union
NogiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)JamesStringerLeicester Shootfighters
NogiPurpleMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)Matthew Allen Gracie Barra knowle/A3
NogiPurpleMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)TomCrosbyAVT Combat Base
NogiPurpleMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)MatthewMclachlanRio grappling club paisley
NogiPurpleMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)MfumuKalonjiCheckmat Fightzone London
NogiPurpleMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)Liam Smedley Sheffield Shootfighters

Master 2 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)CarlSwindellGB WS1
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)NigelMasterton-SmithZR Team UK
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)NeilTallettGB Burton
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)StuartSatterleyEast Midlands BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)SteveTempleRGA Bucks
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Nicholas HainesGracie Barra Rugby
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)BrunoDiasIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)Tom Martin Wolverhampton bjj
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)PeterBeltonGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)Michael ClarkeGracie Barra Tamworth
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)MichaelGougeonWarwick judo and BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)GuyJolleyBermuda Martial Arts
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)TomLucasCarpe Diem BJJ London
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)AndyLeatherlandZR Team UK
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)AbozarArabiSilverbacks
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)AlanBroomhead Gracie Barra Rugby
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)RobertSmithGB WS1
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)TomMcNultyGracie Barra Derby
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)Paul BazeleyLions Gym Coventry
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)alexwelfordBermuda Martial Arts
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)ALEKSANDERSZAJDECKIRGA Bucks
GiBlueMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)SaeedIqbalLoughborough BJJ
GiBlueMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)KrzysztofLisieckiRenzo gracie holland
GiBlueMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)MichaelWhittakerNewport Mma
GiBlueMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JasonSwanstonZR Team UK
GiBlueMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)PaulHobdayTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
GiBlueMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)MatteoCenturioniIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)Matthew NelsonAndre Ramos bjj
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)Mark Little Bedlam BJJ Raspberry Ape Team
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)RalphJordinsonStealth BJJ
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)AssadNaeem
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)DavidWalbornCheckmat / VN team
NogiWhiteMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 97.50 kg)Paul MahoneyCarlson Gracie Hull
NogiWhiteMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 97.50 kg)DavidcunliffeHamma
NogiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)MichaelGougeonWarwick judo and BJJ
NogiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 79.50 kg)GuyJolleyBermuda Martial Arts
NogiBlueMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 97.50 kg)David BernacchioGracie Barra Derby
NogiBlueMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 97.50 kg)KrzysztofLisieckiRenzo gracie holland
NogiBlueMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)LukeButcherWarwolf BJJ
NogiBlueMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 91.50 kg)ChrisBurtonCarlson Gracie Hull

Master 3 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


GiWhiteMaster 3MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)JamesMorganGB lutterworth/impact academy
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)Paul McTurkTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)JacekRoszkowskiGracie Barra bradford
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)AsimIqbalGB Sutton Coldfield
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)bobbymcdonaldpariah
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)RichSawkinsEscapology BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)Russell Wiseman East Midlands BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)AlisterMaddison Turbo bjj
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)IshrarUddinTeam Silverbacks
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)James McDonald Turbo bjj
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)SimonWilliamsGB Sutton Coldfield
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)GavinSweeney5th element Durham
GiBlueMaster 3MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)Glyn Davies Gracie Barra Burton On Trent
GiBlueMaster 3MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)EarlJamesTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
GiBlueMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)LukeButcherWarwolf BJJ
GiBlueMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)Ryan SmithZR Team UK
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)SteveChantlerTurbo BJJ Coventry/Will Machado
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)StephenWalbornCheckmat / VN team
NogiWhiteMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)AsimIqbalGB Sutton Coldfield
NogiWhiteMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)Krzysztof Dyka Trojan gloucester
NogiWhiteMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 85.50 kg)IshrarUddinTeam Silverbacks
NogiWhiteMaster 3MaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)BenCromptonParaestra UK
NogiWhiteMaster 3MaleLight (Max 73.50 kg)GuyBuxtonWarwick judo and BJJ

Pee Wee 2 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Female21kg or lessSafiyyahQureshiCheckmat
JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Female21kg or lessBlossomCrosbyAVT Combat Base
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male21kg or lessLewisGouldingAspire combat sports academy
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male21kg or lessRian Mattu Checkmat / VN team
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male21kg or lessCaiHumphreysGB Bradford
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male21kg or lessCameronKhairaTrojan free fighters gloucester
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male21kg or lessEasaAdamBolton
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male24kg or lessLewisGouldingAspire combat sports academy
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male24kg or lessBenjaminGrimmGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male24kg or lessNolan NunezGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male24kg or lessRian MattuCheckmat / VN team
JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Male24kg or lessColeCamozziGB Warrington
JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Male24kg or lessismaeelhassanzadahSilverbacks

Junior 1 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female24kg or lesszainab adamBolton
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female24kg or lessGraceMarshall 5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female24kg or lessAmeliaRoszkowskaGracie Barra bradford
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female30kg or lessAva HowellGB Birmingham
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female30kg or lessSerena Pickford5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female30kg or lessMiaTraceyTrojan / Warwolf
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female38kg or lessDarcieJonesCF24 Jiu Jitsu
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female38kg or lessGabriella Mckinnon 5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female38kg or lessSapphira HaighHamma
JuniorGreyJunior 1Female30kg or lessMalihaQureshiCheckmat
JuniorGreyJunior 1Female30kg or lessSerenaPickford5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 1Female38kg or lessPhoebe-MaeRawbone Pariah bjj
JuniorGreyJunior 1Female38kg or lessGabriellaMckinnon5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 1Female42kg or lessEveIzomor5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 1Female42kg or lessLaceyHodgkinsGracie Barra Halesowen
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male21kg or lessEasaAdamBolton
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male21kg or lessFlynnSmith5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male27kg or lessJackKellyAspire combat sports academy
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male27kg or lessHarryHancoxpariah
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male27kg or lessJamesGrieve5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male27kg or lessLucas GrahamMma academy liverpool
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male27kg or lessOliverHolmes Trojan Free Fighters Warwolf BJJ
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male30kg or lessJamesGrieve5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male30kg or lessWesleyClarkGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male30kg or lessHarryHancox pariah
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male30kg or lessjackkellyAspire combat sports academy
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male30kg or lessZackAshpole
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male34kg or lessCharlieGraver 5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male34kg or lessOscarCormackZR Team UK
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male34kg or lessThomasGoodman
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male38kg or lessTaylorWhittakerNewport Mma
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male38kg or lessCharlieGraver5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male24kg or lessZakariya HussainLegion Bjj
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male24kg or lessibraheem hassanzadahSilverbacks
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male24kg or lessFabio JenkinsGracie Barra Tamworth
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male24kg or lessBobby leeBurgessLucio Sergio BJJ Lifestyle Manchester
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lessMusaBayazitSilverbacks
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lessOllieAtherdenStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lessZakariya HussainLegion Bjj
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lessKamranJohalCombat Sports Academy / Alliance
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lessMax BadgerNext Generation MMA
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lessRianJohnsonGB WS1
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male30kg or lessJamieSlackMma academy liverpool
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male30kg or lessKamranJohal Combat Sports Academy / Alliance
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male30kg or lessNoahTyndallNext-generation liverpool
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male30kg or lessJayden Price Trojan Free Fighters Warwolf BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male34kg or lessJackCoverdale5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male34kg or lessIsaRoman Silverbacks
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male34kg or lessJayden Price Trojan Free Fighters Warwolf BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male38kg or lessHaris WosmanGracie Barra Rugby
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male38kg or lessRorySimmsStafford fight factory

Junior 2 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female30kg or lessNicholeNabityGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female30kg or lessJasmine Tyson Next generation liverpool
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female38kg or lessVeniceLacsamanaSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female38kg or lessAmeliaBunn5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female38kg or lessLayla Lamb Hamma
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female46kg or lessOliviaBeltonGracie Barra Derby
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female46kg or lessMackenzieNabityGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female30kg or lessKaileenaNunezGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female30kg or lessEllaDorkinParaestra UK
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female30kg or lessMacieAmiriGracie Barra Tamworth
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female34kg or lessMalie CostaCheckmat Brighton
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female34kg or lessHarmony Phizacklea-HayesStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female50kg or lessMeganQuinn5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female50kg or lessEllaMcNallyGracie Barra Rugby
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female50kg or lessAniyaColemanGracie Barra Rugby
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female50kg or lessKananiGonzalezGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male30kg or lessGeorgeFinley 5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male30kg or lessAquilaDulcoGracie Barra Rugby
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male30kg or lessMyloTraceyTrojan / Warwolf
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male38kg or lessDante KiernanGracie Barra Derby
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male38kg or lessMackenzie FilipekGB Mansfield
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male38kg or lessAlanMassey Stafford fight factory
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male38kg or lessMarcus Crook5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male38kg or lessLogan Carr5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male50kg or lessDylanWhittakerNewport Mma
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male50kg or lessLiamParcianStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessFinley Turley Trojan Free Fighters Warwolf BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessJacob brownAndre Ramos BJJ Nuneaton
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessKarterPaterson5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessOlivertaylorMma academy liverpool
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessSalmanUriarteTeam Silverbacks
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessAbdallahMKGracie Barra WS1
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessGraysonCaleyAVT Combat Base
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessLawrenceAmiriGracie Barra Tamworth
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessCorey Herbert GB Nottingham
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessKarterPaterson5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessJayden WilkinCheckmat bjj vnteam
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessReece LongworthStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessOliverDoreGracie Barra Tamworth
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessCohenMartinGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessRajaNasserGracie Barra Rugby
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessJakeHamiltonGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessAlfieWilliamsStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessLouieJohnstonGracie Barra Halesowen
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessAidan McGheeCheckmat nemesis
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessCalumKhaira Trojan free fighters gloucester
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male42kg or lessOscarWightman Roger Gracie Academy Bolton
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male42kg or lessLukas Bridgman Smith Porrada MMA
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male42kg or lessMohammedBin zulfiqarSilverbacks
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male46kg or lessJakeMorganGracie Barra Rugby
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male46kg or lessMax Sweeney5th element Durham
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male46kg or lessLouieCunliffeHamma
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male46kg or lessErykBalicki
JuniorYellowJunior 2Male38kg or lessOliverWhitingEscapology BJJ
JuniorYellowJunior 2Male38kg or lessAlfieWilliamsStafford fight factory
JuniorYellowJunior 2Male42kg or lessIsaBin zulfiqarSilverbacks
JuniorYellowJunior 2Male42kg or lessRheo KnightEscapology BJJ

Teen 1 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorWhiteTeen 1Female46kg or lessGracie Whitfield Gracie Barra Derby
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Female46kg or lessEdie-RosecaleyAVT Combat Base
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female34kg or lessAyeshaQureshiCheckmat
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female34kg or lessSophieDrakeGB Bradford
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female42kg or lessIkrahQureshiCheckmat
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female42kg or lessJorjaTaylorGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female55kg or lessChloeHuxtableZR Team
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female55kg or lessKatelyn LawrenceTrojan / Warwolf
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female55kg or lessOliviaRoszkowskaGracie Barra bradford
JuniorYellowTeen 1Female46kg or lessPhoebeNewellpariah
JuniorYellowTeen 1Female46kg or lessKatelynLawrenceTrojan / Warwolf
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male38kg or lessKaydnDrewGracie Barra Derby
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male38kg or lessTaylorBaileyStafford fight factory
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male38kg or lessMatthewGeeStafford fight factory
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male38kg or lessTysonClarkGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male38kg or lessArvinJohalCombat Sports Academy / Alliance
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male42kg or lessGabrielMitchellGracie Barra Derby
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male42kg or lessAdrarJounesSilverbacks
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male42kg or lessSaad HannachiSilverbacks
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male42kg or lessArvinJohalCombat Sports Academy / Alliance
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male55kg or lessVadims MalinovskisGracie Barra Derby
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male55kg or lessMustafa ArabiSilverbacks
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male55kg or lessOwainHumphreysGB Bradford
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male34kg or lessCohenMartinGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male34kg or lessOceanDaviesAVT Combat Base
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male38kg or lessTylerKingGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male38kg or lessParkerGrimmGracie barra NEWMARKET
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male38kg or lessAbdullahBin-AbdulQuayyumSilverbacks
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male38kg or lessLouisAtherdenStafford Fight factory
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male42kg or lessMateuszWojtowiczGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male42kg or lessCalebHupfieldStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male42kg or lessFlynnHupfieldStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male42kg or lessOliverThackrayCSA/AllianceUK
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male46kg or lessAshton Brewster5th element Durham
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male46kg or lessAaronIrving5th element Durham
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male46kg or lessGeorgeHandley Porrada MMA
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male46kg or lessMichaelMartinGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male46kg or lessCiaron MyersCheckmat / VN team
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male46kg or lessJayMillerSubmit to success
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male46kg or lessMaxKellyGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male46kg or lessBaileyBrownStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male50kg or lessAaronIrving5th element Durham
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male50kg or lessRowan TaylorGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male50kg or lessBassam BenabdallahSilverbacks
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male34kg or lessArtemZaytsev
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male34kg or lessAbderrahmenMKGracie Barra WS1
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male42kg or lessAdamDuranTeam Silverbacks
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male42kg or lessOuwaysUriarteTeam Silverbacks
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male42kg or lessZubayer OmarTeam Silverbacks

Teen 2 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorWhiteTeen 2Female55kg or lessCoriLoweGracie Barra Mansfield UK
JuniorWhiteTeen 2Female55kg or lessJessie WallerTeam Renegade
JuniorGreyTeen 2Female50kg or lessSafahQureshiCheckmat
JuniorGreyTeen 2Female50kg or lessFaithMilburn5th element Durham
JuniorYellowTeen 2Female65kg or lessGraceWebbThe Toukon Academy
JuniorYellowTeen 2Female65kg or lessLibby CunliffeHamma
JuniorWhiteTeen 2Male50kg or lessNiallWiseman5th element Durham
JuniorWhiteTeen 2Male50kg or lessIsaRoman
JuniorWhiteTeen 2Male60kg or lessJacobBullSUKATA Warrington
JuniorWhiteTeen 2Male60kg or lessAliRajaGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male46kg or lessElijahPhizacklea-HayesStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male46kg or lessAshtonBrewster5th element Durham
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male50kg or lessCharlieGarrodCarlson Gracie Norfolk
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male50kg or lessSeanMeliaTeam Sukata
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male50kg or lessFinnBrownStafford fight factory
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male70kg or lessEthanSherwinGracie Barra Derby
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male70kg or lessAndrzejKozeraGB Mansfield
JuniorGreyTeen 2Maleover 70kgRileyHindsGracie Barra Mansfield UK
JuniorGreyTeen 2Maleover 70kgTamira KingGracie Barra Derby
JuniorYellowTeen 2Male60kg or lessOwen FearnGracie Barra Derby
JuniorYellowTeen 2Male60kg or lessAyam Uddin Team Silverback
JuniorYellowTeen 2Male60kg or lessJakeMarksGB Birmingham
JuniorOrangeTeen 2Male42kg or lessAlexandr Zaytsev

Juvenile Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale60kgCourtney caseyShinbudo
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale60kgKieronJohnsonSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
JuvenileWhitejuvenileMale60kgRaeesIqbalGB Birmingham
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale60kgDylanLangstonEclipse Gracie Jiu Jitsu
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale65kgEddiewashbrookEscapology BJJ
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale65kgAlexLewisGB Sutton Coldfield
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale80kgAlannaPritchard Gracie Barra Isle of Man
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale80kgJavardKhanTeam Renegade
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale80kgJackFitzsimmons Academia BJJ Lifestyle
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMaleover 85kgGethinClarkNewport Mma
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMaleover 85kgMattBennettGracie Barra WS1
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMaleover 85kgRoryMccloskeyGracie Barra Sutton Coldfield
JuvenileBlueJuvenileMale65kgWilliamRandlesAcademia BJJ Lifestyle
JuvenileOrangeJuvenileMale65kgEnesKeskinCheckmat Fightzone London
JuvenileOrangeJuvenileMale65kgFinnSherwinGracie Barra Derby