All Stars BJJ Europeans 2020

Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre


All Stars BJJ EUROPEANS, Sunday 29th March 2020. Gi divisions under IBJJF rule set and weight classes, though all belts from blue onwards will fight for 6 minutes Adults, Masters 1-7, Junior and Juvenile divisions available Optional split weight cash prize absolute. Split weight: Male -76kg, +76kg, Women -69kg, +69kg. Please note this is for the cash prize absolutes only. PRIZES: 1st Place: Championship belt + Cash Prize 2nd Place: Suave Gi 3rd Place: Rashguard Cash Prizes: White belt - £50 Blue belt - £150 Purple belt -£200 Brown/Black belt - £250 In the adult, master, male and female Gi cash prize absolutes Early registration fees until February 8th: Division: £35 Optional cash prize absolute: £15 Junior Gi: £25 Juvenile Gi: £30 Late registration fees until March 15th: Division: £45 Optional cash prize absolute: £15 Junior Gi: £30 Juvenile Gi: £35 Spectator fee:£5

Adult Competitor List (click to show / hide)


AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleUnder 69kgHannahIngramGB Chelmsford
AbsoluteWhiteAdultFemaleOver 69kgAna BeatrizGomes Fernandes ZR Team UK
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleUnder 69kgCorina LanaLetRoger Gracie Academy
AbsoluteBlueAdultFemaleOver 69kgHarriettSlinnAndre Ramos bjj
AbsolutePurpleAdultFemaleUnder 69kgPhoebe Robinson-GalvinGB Fulham
AbsolutePurpleAdultFemaleOver 69kgGinaBreiteryteElements BJJ Brighton
GiWhiteAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)FernandaDassoler CorreaZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)HannahIngramGB Chelmsford
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)JodyCobbCheckmat / VN team
GiWhiteAdultFemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)Ana BeatrizGomes Fernandes ZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 79.3 kg)EmilyWellsGB Fulham
GiWhiteAdultFemaleSuper Heavy (Over 79.3 kg)SarahGearyCFS BJJ
GiBlueAdultFemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)Corina LanaLetRoger Gracie Academy
GiBlueAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 79.3 kg)HarriettSlinnAndre Ramos bjj
GiBlueAdultFemaleSuper Heavy (Over 79.3 kg)AeshaKhatunGracie Barra Fulham
GiPurpleAdultFemaleLight (Max 64 kg)Phoebe Robinson-GalvinGB Fulham
GiPurpleAdultFemaleHeavy (Max 79.3 kg)GinaBreiteryteElements BJJ Brighton
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgIsaacDyerCheckmat/Nemesis gym
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgAqibHussainSJJ
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgJamesIngeGB Fulham
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgmohammed mahdi said London Shootfighters
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgRiosClintonIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgKeeganJohnsonSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgAbdur RahimChowdhuryCheckmat Fightzone London
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgNavinPatelCheckmat Essex
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgMichaelSimpsonCheckmat Essex
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgAlex WhiteZR Team UK
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgJoeSatchwell-JacksonTeam Renegade
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgKunheeHaTeam Renegade
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgYounesHarichaneLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgTaahaRehmanRGA
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgRickWaliGracie Barra
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgCharlieGrayLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgBaileyEleyZR Team UK
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgWilliamKirkwoodThe Martial Arts Place
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgJonahLachapelleCheckmat Essex
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleUnder 76kgLiamMorganMandala Jiu Jitsu School
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgJoshuaGoldsmithCheckmat
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgMattBeecherCheckmat international
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgSamKitchenCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgJohnStumpCarlson Gracie Clapham
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgDanielPorterCarlson Gracie Slough
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgkhaleelburnikellLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgJakubKralikLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgSabeerRamjanyLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
AbsoluteWhiteAdultMaleOver 76kgEdgarsKaufmanisZR Team UK
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgBenRundleCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgCharlieBirchallIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgDHRUVDATTACarlson Gracie London
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgJamieMatherLeão Marinho BJJ
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgTehmoorAbbasIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgDanielFrankIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgCallumSkellyEquipe TCA
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgGarethTreharneEquipe TCA
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgMarkHarveyCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgJackClarkRGJJ Braintree
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgTommyChambersCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgJoeErbCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgBagrinSergiuRoger Gracie Academy
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgMuhammedMustafaCheckmat Essex
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgMuhammad Mustafa Checkmat Essex
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleUnder 76kgMarcus Lopes de Souza ICON jiu-jitsu team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgRyanGardenThiago ferreira
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgDuncanBrownBCBJJ
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgKieranJukes Andre Ramos bjj
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgBarnabyGillettFLO Martial Arts
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgNaqibHasanZR Team UK
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgAlexDavisTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgBrandonJephcoteAndre Ramos bjj
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgSullyDiment Carlson Gracie
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgIndyPanesarIcon jiu-jitsu
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgDanielUsmanLegion Grappling Academy / Inglorious Grapplers
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgTyeHansonZR Team
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgBrunoSanhaPGT England
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgRamon Pacifico Da Silva Pro Jiu Jitsu Birmingham
AbsoluteBlueAdultMaleOver 76kgJackTelferPGT England
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleUnder 76kgAshleyHayesGracie barra southend
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleUnder 76kgLuisPedroMarcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleUnder 76kgKamAbbasMaven BJJ
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleUnder 76kgJohn De LimaCícero Costha
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleUnder 76kgRafaelMikailAcademia BJJ Lifestyle
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgDIONIS JOROVLEA Grand Union
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgJuniorFernandesCheckmat Fightzone London
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgAliouneMbowRoger Gracie Academy
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kglawrencemcavinueBlack country bjj
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgDaveWestonBlack country bjj
AbsolutePurpleAdultMaleOver 76kgFuadAhmedInglorious Grapplers
AbsoluteBrownAdultMaleUnder 76kgDominicWylor-OwenInglorious Grapplers
AbsoluteBrownAdultMaleUnder 76kgRomaoCarvalhoZR Team
AbsoluteBrownAdultMaleOver 76kgJanisRiekstins ZR Team UK
AbsoluteBrownAdultMaleOver 76kgConnor DuffyEmpire BJJ
AbsoluteBlackAdultMaleOver 76kgRalek Gracie Gracie
GiWhiteAdultMaleRooster (Max 57.5 kg)JoeMaguireTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)LiamMorganMandala Jiu Jitsu School
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)SamuelFairbrassEmpire Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kent
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)AqibHussainSJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)RiosClintonIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)ElliotNichols-LoveZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)KunheeHaTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)BaileyEleyZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)LewisSmithEmpire BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)IsaacDyerCheckmat/Nemesis gym
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)PaulDeehanBJJ Revolution
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)SzymonPazikICON jiu-jitsu team
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)KeeganJohnsonSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Abdur RahimChowdhuryCheckmat Fightzone London
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)NavinPatelCheckmat Essex
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Alex WhiteZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)YounesHarichaneLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)TaahaRehmanRGA
GiWhiteAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Terry-LeeParkesGracie Barra Birmingham
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)MattWingraveEmpire Brazilian jiu-jitsu
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)FelixSemple-VaralloAxis uk
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JamesIngeGB Fulham
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)CharlieLancaster - PappSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)mohammed mahdi said London Shootfighters
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AlfredwardLamude bjj
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)MichaelSimpsonCheckmat Essex
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)HugoDelamainGfteam London
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)HarveyBeardEmpire Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kent
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JoeSatchwell-JacksonTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JakubKralikLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)CharlieGrayLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)DavidJosephNemesis Gym
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)WilliamKirkwoodThe Martial Arts Place
GiWhiteAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JonahLachapelleCheckmat Essex
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)TitasJanuskaMcMura BJJ Checkmat Essex II
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)SamKitchenCheckmat / VN team
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)nathanwilliamsZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RyanMikeTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Mohammed UddinTeam Renegade
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)AhmadEl-AshaalLegions BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)khaleelburnikellLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
GiWhiteAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JorgenKolgjiniLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)IljaUstinovsGrand Union BJJ
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)MattBeecherCheckmat international
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JoshSharpeParaestra UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)CameronJarradCarlson Gracie Team
GiWhiteAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)SabeerRamjanyLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
GiWhiteAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)EdgarsKaufmanisZR Team UK
GiWhiteAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)DanielPorterCarlson Gracie Slough
GiWhiteAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)JoshuaGoldsmithCheckmat
GiWhiteAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)JohnStumpCarlson Gracie Clapham
GiWhiteAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)IsaacHermeloXION BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)ConnellRichCheckmat / VN team
GiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)TehmoorAbbasIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
GiBlueAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)TommyChambersCheckmat / VN team
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)PawelMikolajukLeão Marinho BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)CharlieBirchallIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)JoePriceGracie barra southend
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)JamieMatherLeão Marinho BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)CallumSkellyEquipe TCA
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)CallumThomas Mill hill/boxmoor bjj
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)MuhammedMustafaCheckmat Essex
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Muhammad Mustafa Checkmat Essex
GiBlueAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)JunaidKhanRGA Bucks
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)BenRundleCheckmat / VN team
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)DHRUVDATTACarlson Gracie London
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)DanielFrankIcon Jiu Jitsu Team
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)GarethTreharneEquipe TCA
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)MarkHarveyCheckmat / VN team
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JackClarkRGJJ Braintree
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)ImraanMafiqueLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)Josh Kalms TMAP
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)JoeErbCheckmat / VN team
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)BagrinSergiuRoger Gracie Academy
GiBlueAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)Marcus Lopes de Souza ICON jiu-jitsu team
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RyanGardenThiago ferreira
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Kane DisburyCheckmat / VN team
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)DuncanBrownBCBJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)KieranJukes Andre Ramos bjj
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)SullyDiment Carlson Gracie
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)PaulBensteadCheckmat / VN team
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)AlexSmithCheckmat/Nemesis gym
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)DanielUsmanLegion Grappling Academy / Inglorious Grapplers
GiBlueAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)BenShawCheckmat
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)BarnabyGillettFLO Martial Arts
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)NaqibHasanZR Team UK
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)BrandonJephcoteAndre Ramos bjj
GiBlueAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JackTelferPGT England
GiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)DeividasZarembaInfinity Legacy BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)IndyPanesarIcon jiu-jitsu
GiBlueAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)BrunoSanhaPGT England
GiBlueAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)MarcusMcKenzieAlexandra Park BJJ
GiBlueAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)Ramon Pacifico Da Silva Pro Jiu Jitsu Birmingham
GiPurpleAdultMaleLight Feather (Max 64 kg)John De LimaCícero Costha
GiPurpleAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AshleyHayesGracie barra southend
GiPurpleAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)LuisPedroMarcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu
GiPurpleAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)KamAbbasMaven BJJ
GiPurpleAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)RafaelMikailAcademia BJJ Lifestyle
GiPurpleAdultMaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)DIONIS JOROVLEA Grand Union
GiPurpleAdultMaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)AliouneMbowRoger Gracie Academy
GiPurpleAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)lawrencemcavinueBlack country bjj
GiBrownAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)DominicWylor-OwenInglorious Grapplers
GiBrownAdultMaleFeather (Max 70 kg)RomaoCarvalhoZR Team
GiBrownAdultMaleLight (Max 76 kg)AlfieRaffertyGracie barra southend
GiBrownAdultMaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)Connor DuffyEmpire BJJ
GiBrownAdultMaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)DouglasAtkinsonMill Hill
GiBlackAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)Ralek Gracie Gracie
GiBlackAdultMaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)DinuBucaletMill Hill BJJ

Master 1 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1FemaleOver 69kgMARTASobradoDynamic Self Defence Academy/ Mill Hill BJJ
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1FemaleUnder 69kgRachel FoneBoxmoor BJJ / Mill Hill BJJ
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1FemaleOver 69kgChloeMooreTotal Grappling
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1FemaleUnder 69kgAndreiaJoãoMarcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleSuper Heavy (Over 79.3 kg)DanielleMcGuinnessGB Cheshunt
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)SaraDaviesSMMA
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleMedium Heavy (Max 74 kg)MARTASobradoDynamic Self Defence Academy/ Mill Hill BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleLight Feather (Max 53.5 kg)LouTuckerTriccs Academy
GiWhiteMaster 1FemaleFeather (Max 58.5 kg)MonikaMillerZR UK
GiBlueMaster 1FemaleSuper Heavy (Over 79.3 kg)ChloeMooreTotal Grappling
GiBlueMaster 1FemaleLight (Max 64 kg)Rachel FoneBoxmoor BJJ / Mill Hill BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgGarethInghamCheckmat leo quieroz
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgStevenKimberleyGracie Barra Thurrock
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgChristopherWinfieldGracie Barra Hastings
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgYouriLissinMill Hill BJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgBarryPorterParaestra UK
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgEamonDoyleCheckmat Fightzone London
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgIan BaileyCarlson Gracie Slough
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgDamonMundleCheckmat Fightzone London
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgTápFerencNövényi Sportakadémia Sopron
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgShahAsirSJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgKhaled Hussain SJJ
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgBrenoFernando Munck BragaTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgAleandroBarbosa do CarmoTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgAndy WilliamsonTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgVitalijKudresovZR Team UK
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgStuartBullockBlack country bjj
AbsoluteWhiteMaster 1MaleOver 76kgYuriyHabarovCheckmat/Nemesis gym
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgMohsinUddinSJJ
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgMatteoCenturioniICON jiu-jitsu team
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgLaurenceBartlamElements BJJ Brighton
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgAmynBennamaneSJJ
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgMatthewMarksGracie Barra Oval
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgDavideRussoGrand Union BJJ
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgAbdullahTaranICON jiu-jitsu team
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgWeiTranCarlson Gracie Team
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgJeffersonFinnFight Sports New Wave Academy
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgNathanSpainFluxo
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgChrisHalesUnity BJJ
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgRuiCastroPortugal Gold Team England
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgDylanYoungVitor Shoalin BJJ
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgGavinBrownGB Fulham
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMarkAttfieldVitor shaolin bjj
AbsoluteBlueMaster 1MaleOver 76kgIanCookGracie Barra
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgblake charlesworthCheck mat
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgJasonJohnCarlson Gracie Kent
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgruslansneilandsSasquatch Studios
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgCharltonDe Novais AfonsoTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgBrendanMayICON jiu-jitsu team
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgJason ShawCheckmat
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgBenJohnstonZilla Training
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgDavidWalbornNemesis Gym
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgpaulmalcolmIcon jiu-jitsu
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgKristian ReedCheckmat Essex
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgjohnroseGB Hastings
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgUlises Martinez Socarras ZR Team UK
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMark Little Bedlam BJJ Raspberry Ape Team
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgRobWalkerBlack country bjj
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgKhalidIsmail Legion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgPatrickJallohFight Sports International
AbsolutePurpleMaster 1MaleOver 76kgSebastianoRagusaCheckmat
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgChristopherSteelLoughborough BJJ
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgSérgioLourosMarcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgFlavioBurgerTeam kaishin HQ
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgOLIVERMITCHELLXION BJJ
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleOver 76kgJohnGraingeCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleOver 76kgAlanMarkCheckmat
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleOver 76kgTyroneDerrickKimura factory
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleOver 76kgMatthieuLawalataTeam kaishin HQ
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleOver 76kgLukaszPrzybylskiCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteBrownMaster 1MaleOver 76kgJamesWashGrand Union BJJ
AbsoluteBlackMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgJosé LimaMarcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu
AbsoluteBlackMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgAlexandre Jorge Marcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu
AbsoluteBlackMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgCharlie CorbinCheckmat / VN team
AbsoluteBlackMaster 1MaleUnder 76kgSamCrookCheckmat Fightzone London
AbsoluteBlackMaster 1MaleOver 76kgDanielLewisRoger Gracie Academy
AbsoluteBlackMaster 1MaleOver 76kgKeliManglonaCarlson Gracie Norfolk
AbsoluteBlackMaster 1MaleOver 76kgAndy Manzolo XION BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)WilliamBoltonEmpire Brazilian jiu-jitsu
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)David WatkinsZR Team UK
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)LeeSmithRenegade
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)andresmithLamude bjj
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JackBroughton Checkmat Brighton
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)VitalijKudresovZR Team UK
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)StuartBullockBlack country bjj
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)ShahAsirSJJ
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)LeeBroughtonBrighton BJJ Exchange
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)StevenKimberleyGracie Barra Thurrock
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)BarryPorterParaestra UK
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)George Layne The Martial Arts Place
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)GarethInghamCheckmat leo quieroz
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)EamonDoyleCheckmat Fightzone London
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)FreddieD AcquistoThe Martial Arts Place
GiWhiteMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Ian BaileyCarlson Gracie Slough
GiBlueMaster 1MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)NiamatAliPredators MMA
GiBlueMaster 1MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)JeffersonFinnFight Sports New Wave Academy
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RuiCastroPortugal Gold Team England
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)MarkAttfieldVitor shaolin bjj
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)joemurfinTeam Renegade
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)trevor harrisSwale BJJ/GF Team
GiBlueMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)ChrisHalesUnity BJJ
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)TaylorRIKJE-PEARSONJust Jiu-jitsu/ Checkmat
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)LaurenceBartlamElements BJJ Brighton
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)AmynBennamaneSJJ
GiBlueMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)MatthewMarksGracie Barra Oval
GiBlueMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)Ross HanmoreParaestra UK
GiBlueMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)AlexDavisTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
GiBlueMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)GavinBrownGB Fulham
GiBlueMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)MarekChrzaszcz Checkmat
GiBlueMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)LavanKurumoorthyOdyssey BJJ
GiBlueMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)WeiTranCarlson Gracie Team
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)MikeBestCheckmat
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RobWalkerBlack country bjj
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)ShanJiangCheckmat Fightzone London
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)JasonJohnCarlson Gracie Kent
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)BrendanMayICON jiu-jitsu team
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)Jason ShawCheckmat
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)BenJohnstonZilla Training
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)PatrickJallohFight Sports International
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)blake charlesworthCheck mat
GiPurpleMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Kristian ReedCheckmat Essex
GiBrownMaster 1MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)AlanMarkCheckmat
GiBrownMaster 1MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)MatthewHarmonEmpire BJJ
GiBrownMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)ChristopherSteelLoughborough BJJ
GiBrownMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)SérgioLourosMarcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu
GiBrownMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)FlavioBurgerTeam kaishin HQ
GiBrownMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)AaronPashley Brighton BJJ Exchange
GiBrownMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)OLIVERMITCHELLXION BJJ
GiBrownMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)JohnGraingeCheckmat / VN team
GiBrownMaster 1MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)JamesWashGrand Union BJJ
GiBlackMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)Charlie CorbinCheckmat / VN team
GiBlackMaster 1MaleLight (Max 76 kg)SamCrookCheckmat Fightzone London
GiBlackMaster 1MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)Alexandre Jorge Marcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu

Master 2 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


GiPurpleMaster 2FemaleMiddle (Max 69 kg)Danielle TigheEmpire BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)TápFerencNövényi Sportakadémia Sopron
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)Khaled Hussain SJJ
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)AleandroBarbosa do CarmoTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)AshleyStapletonGracie barra southend
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)NigelMasterton-SmithZR Team UK
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)YouriLissinMill Hill BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)IgorMalyjXION BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)BrenoFernando Munck BragaTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)RobertBeleaStronger bjj
GiWhiteMaster 2MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)AleksanderSzajdeckiRGA Bucks
GiBlueMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)PeteAgnelliThe Fighting Arts Academy (Arlans Siqueira BJJ)
GiBlueMaster 2MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)SimonJobeGracie Barra Haringey
GiBlueMaster 2MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)IanCookGracie barra southend
GiBlueMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JohnLaveryJust Jiu-jitsu / Checkmat
GiBlueMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)JasonSwanstonZR Team UK
GiBlueMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)SergioMartinsGfteam London
GiBlueMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)MatteoCenturioniICON jiu-jitsu team
GiBlueMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)DavideRussoGrand Union BJJ
GiBlueMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)NathanSpainFluxo
GiBlueMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)PaulAbbottCombat Sports Academy / Alliance
GiBlueMaster 2MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)AndrewChapmanBJJ Revolution
GiBlueMaster 2MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)john goringSwale BJJ/GF Team
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)ReginaldFlintMandala Jiu Jitsu School
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)James BerryZR Team UK
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)SebastianoRagusaCheckmat
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)DavidWalbornNemesis Gym
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)MichaelFordICON jiu-jitsu team
GiPurpleMaster 2MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)ruslansneilandsSasquatch Studios
GiBrownMaster 2MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)LukaszPrzybylskiCheckmat / VN team
GiBrownMaster 2MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)LeonHindsSMMA
GiBrownMaster 2MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)MatthieuLawalataTeam Kaishin HQ
GiBrownMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)ShahHussain
GiBrownMaster 2MaleLight (Max 76 kg)KristianWildCheckmat Brighton
GiBlackMaster 2MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)DanielLewisRoger Gracie Academy

Master 3 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


GiWhiteMaster 3FemaleLight (Max 64 kg)YolandaLopezGracie Barra Fulham
GiPurpleMaster 3FemaleLight (Max 64 kg)AndreiaJoãoMarcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)DamonMundleCheckmat Fightzone London
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)YuriyHabarovCheckmat/Nemesis gym
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)LeeDantier de fribourgOne Jiu Jitsu
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)TonyYoungParaestra UK
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)RobScholten None
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)GarryBriggsZR Team UK
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)Avinash AdvaniCarlson Gracie Surrey
GiWhiteMaster 3MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)ChristopherWinfieldGracie Barra Hastings
GiBlueMaster 3MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)DylanYoungVitor Shoalin BJJ
GiBlueMaster 3MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Matthew JamesWiseRoger Gracie Academy
GiBlueMaster 3MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)MohsinUddinSJJ
GiBlueMaster 3MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)AbdullahTaranICON jiu-jitsu team
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)KenYuGrand Union BJJ
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)JoeCrawleyMandala Jiu Jitsu School
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)Michael ChanAlexandra Park BJJ
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)CharltonDe Novais AfonsoTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)StuartCapelRoger Gracie Academy
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)SimonDugdaleCarlson Gracie Team
GiPurpleMaster 3MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)KhalidIsmail Legion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
GiBrownMaster 3MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)TyroneDerrickKimura factory
GiBrownMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)GeorgePhantisGrand Union
GiBrownMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)Andrew LawBrotherhood MMA/Checkmat Isle of Wight
GiBrownMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)jamesforrestCarlson Gracie Surrey
GiBlackMaster 3MaleLight (Max 76 kg)José LimaMarcão Artsuave jiu-jitsu

Master 4 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


GiWhiteMaster 4MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)Andy WilliamsonTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
GiWhiteMaster 4MaleMedium Heavy (Max 88.3 kg)RobertSiedaczCarlson Gracie Slough
GiWhiteMaster 4MaleFeather (Max 70 kg)TonyMcGuiganCheckmat Fightzone London
GiBlueMaster 4MaleLight (Max 76 kg)SeanMallettBrighton BJJ Exchange
GiPurpleMaster 4MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)Mark Little Bedlam BJJ Raspberry Ape Team
GiBrownMaster 4MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)ChrisSimpsonCheckmat / VN team
GiBrownMaster 4MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)SteveBrandOdyssey BJJ

Master 5 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


GiWhiteMaster 5MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)FrancoisZagameIron Sharpens Iron BJJ
GiWhiteMaster 5MaleMiddle (Max 82.3 kg)KeithJohnsonSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
GiPurpleMaster 5MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)Darren Sietnieks RGA Bucks
GiPurpleMaster 5MaleSuper Heavy (Max 100.5 kg)Ulises Martinez Socarras ZR Team UK
GiPurpleMaster 5MaleLight (Max 76 kg)paulmalcolmIcon jiu-jitsu

Master 6 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


GiBlueMaster 6MaleHeavy (Max 94.3 kg)KeithMartinBCBJJ
GiPurpleMaster 6MaleUltra Heavy (Over 100.5 kg)johnroseGB Hastings

Pee Wee 2 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Female24kg or lessNora Abu-GhaidaGB Fulham
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male21kg or lessRian Mattu Checkmat / VN team
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male21kg or lessLewisGouldingMma academy liverpool
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male21kg or lessBernardoAlmeida BragaTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male24kg or lessLewisGouldingMma academy liverpool
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male24kg or lessIsaacRahmanCheckmat Fightzone London
JuniorWhitePee Wee 2Male24kg or lessRianMattu Checkmat / VN team
JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Male21kg or lessAdam Autier-Habran Checkmat Fightzone London
JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Male21kg or lessMarloJonesMandala Jiu Jitsu School
JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Male21kg or lessHarry Wooding Havering Jiu Jitsu Academy
JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Male24kg or lessMasonGoddardCheckmat / VN team
JuniorGreyPee Wee 2Male27kg or lessSamuelTarulloRoger Gracie Academy

Junior 1 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorWhiteJunior 1Female27kg or lessClara De Jesus De Abreu NovaisTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
JuniorGreyJunior 1Female24kg or lessAngelRobertsonCheckmat bjj vnteam
JuniorGreyJunior 1Female24kg or lessSofiaPinjaraCheckmat Fightzone London
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male24kg or lessUthman Hussain SJJ
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male24kg or lessDAWUDIBN-AHMEDSJJ
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male24kg or lessChris Rafael Popescu Odyssey BJJ
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male24kg or lessKarimKamalyFightzone
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male27kg or lessJackKellyMma academy liverpool
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male27kg or lessYusuf Barnes Legion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male30kg or lessHenryRaberZR Team
JuniorWhiteJunior 1Male38kg or lessRobertJorovleaCheckmat Essex
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male24kg or lessarchieedwardshavering jiu jitsu academy
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male24kg or lessZakariyaHussainLegion Bjj
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male24kg or lessLeoIronsHavering Jiu Jitsu Academy
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lessYusufHussainLegion Bjj
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lesskamranJohalCSA/AllianceUK
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male27kg or lessSofiaPinjaraCheckmat Fightzone London
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male30kg or lessEduard Belea Stronger bjj
JuniorGreyJunior 1Male38kg or lessBrenoLima BragaTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
JuniorYellowJunior 1Male27kg or lessFarisAbu-GhaidaGB Fulham
JuniorYellowJunior 1Male34kg or lessIlyasChaudhery ICON jiu-jitsu team

Junior 2 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female30kg or lessZakiya Ismail Legion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Female38kg or lessVeniceLacsamanaZR Team UK
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female30kg or lessGracie Cooper-leggCheckmat nemesis
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female30kg or lessMaisie Kohl Checkmat
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female34kg or lessStephany Almeida Team Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female34kg or lessIsabelleJonesGB Fulham
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female34kg or lessAlexiaScalesGracie Barra Hastings
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female34kg or lessLashayahNurseParaestra UK
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female34kg or lessElla PivanoCheckmat Fightzone London
JuniorGreyJunior 2Female38kg or lessBeauKyranidesOdyssey BJJ
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male30kg or lessYusuf AchhalaLegion Bjj
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male30kg or lessArthur Almeida Bezerra CaldeiraTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male30kg or lessAustinHanksZR
JuniorWhiteJunior 2Male38kg or lessReggie Rankin Checkmat
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessFrankieOsbournGracie barra swindon
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessAdamKillington Checkmat Fightzone London
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male30kg or lessRyanSENEVIRATHNA Premier BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessHarryMorgan
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessAdamKhazCheckmat Fightzone London
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessMasonLongOdyssey BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessEricPintilieCheckmat / VN team
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessTajus Terentjevas Legion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male34kg or lessJoseph Cooper-leggCheckmat/Nemesis gym
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessJayden WilkinCheckmat bjj vnteam
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessZacMcDonaldCheckmat Essex
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lession BatcuArlans Siquera BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessNichitaRamascanArlans Siquera BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male38kg or lessRaphael Da CostaHillingdon BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male42kg or lessOliver May Checkmat
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male42kg or lessJohn Flint
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male42kg or lessDaniyalAshifuddinSubmission School BJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male46kg or lessteddiesmokerCheckmat
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male46kg or lessOliver May Nemesis Gym
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male50kg or lessHamza Hussain SJJ
JuniorGreyJunior 2Male50kg or lessOliver May Nemesis Gym
JuniorGreyJunior 2Maleover 55kgReggiePyeCombat Sports Academy / Alliance
JuniorYellowJunior 2Male38kg or lessOliverWhitingEscapology BJJ
JuniorYellowJunior 2Male38kg or lessCadeHaughton-SomersArlans Siqueira BJJ Barking
JuniorYellowJunior 2Male38kg or lessFrankie ShawCheckmat

Teen 1 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorWhiteTeen 1Female38kg or lessYusraIsmail Legion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female38kg or lessLaceyDeehy
JuniorGreyTeen 1Female46kg or lessFatimahZahraMaven BJJ
JuniorYellowTeen 1Female55kg or lessSadie PickettOdyssey BJJ
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male38kg or lessArvinJohalCSA/AllianceUK
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male42kg or lessTaneemAliSJJ
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male42kg or lessAndreiZuza
JuniorWhiteTeen 1Male42kg or lessBobbyHenchliff Checkmat / VN team
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male34kg or lessLeoPivanoCheckmat Fightzone London
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male42kg or lessYousufSalahuddin-KhanLegion Bjj
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male42kg or lessOliverThackrayCSA/AllianceUK
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male55kg or lessMaxThomasGracie Barra Cheshunt
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male55kg or lessTahaHassaniHavering Jiu Jitsu Academy
JuniorGreyTeen 1Male60kg or lessreggiesmithCombat Sports Academy / Alliance
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male38kg or lessMusaHussainSJJ
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male38kg or lessHaris Brailsford Checkmat Fightzone London
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male46kg or lessYounusSayedSJJ
JuniorYellowTeen 1Male46kg or lessHamzahJavedArlans sequeira Brazilian jiu jitsu
JuniorOrangeTeen 1Male34kg or lessIsaRahmanCheckmat Fightzone London

Teen 2 Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuniorWhiteTeen 2Female55kg or lessKieraDymondCheck mat
JuniorOrangeTeen 2Female60kg or lessMaddyMooreGB Cheshunt
JuniorWhiteTeen 2Male60kg or lessLucaAndrade CanarisTeam Carvalho Bruno Santos UK
JuniorBlueTeen 2Maleover 70kgCLEITON GABRIELSANTOS IIStronger bjj
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male46kg or lessCharlie SamsHavering Jiu Jitsu Academy
JuniorGreyTeen 2Male60kg or lessDaniel MarchantParaestra UK
JuniorYellowTeen 2Male46kg or lessJaydenWalsh GB Fulham
JuniorYellowTeen 2Male55kg or lessFinlayJonesGracie Barra Fulham
JuniorYellowTeen 2Male60kg or lessNazirCharalambousGB Cheshunt
JuniorOrangeTeen 2Maleover 70kgZahirChaudhery ICON jiu-jitsu team

Juvenile Competitor List (click to show / hide)


JuvenileWhiteJuvenileFemale50kg or lessLibertyJonesEquipe TCA
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileFemale55kgCourtney caseycasey
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileFemale55kgLucieMaximoEmpire Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kent
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileFemale65kgCaseyMizonNova Geracao
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale55kgJamesSmithHavering Jiu Jitsu Academy
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale60kgKieronJohnsonSouthern Tribes Milton Keynes
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale65kgDawid OkwietGB Chelmsford
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale65kgJackAndrewsAndre Ramos bjj
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale70kgMaxymHabarovCheckmat/Nemesis gym
JuvenileWhiteJuvenileMale70kgHaarisUsmanLegion Grappling Academy/Inglorious Grapplers
JuvenileBlueJuvenileMale60kgOwenJonesGB Fulham
JuvenileBlueJuvenileMale60kgYuri Melo Gracie Barra Haringey
JuvenileBlueJuvenileMale60kgLiamHarrisCheck mat
JuvenileBlueJuvenileMale65kgYuriMeloGB Haringey
JuvenileBlackjuvenileMale80kgTom WilsonNOVO BJJ / Checkmat
JuvenileYellowJuvenileMale70kgKubaPrzybylaStronger bjj
JuvenileOrangeJuvenileMale65kgEnesKeskinCheckmat Fightzone London